My LO 15mo she is too active.(she will move around non stop for 1-2hrs w/o resting down) At their age right now it's too early to detect if they are consider hyper active?

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It is too early to judge. Most of the kids live to explore. It is their learning phase and once they learn to mo e they simply love to explore as much as they can. Let her explore..

15mo is too young to detect anything. It's very normal for a toddler to be active all day.. If you are worried you can give her some activities to do to learn to sit still and lengthen her attention span

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my 19month old also hyperactive she can active up to 4 hrs worst still 6 hrs max..

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It is very normal for a toddler to be full of energy. Although, sometimes I'm really amazed by their energy level

My 3 year old girl is also hyper since young especially after she turn 1 year old and started walking. She refused to be carried too. I was also worried at one stage that she is Hyperactive. But as she grow older , she can sit still to do certain activities like colouring and playing with building blocks. Could be just a phase for your LO. Better to observe and maybe introduce some interesting activities like colouring to get your LO to learn to sit still.

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don't worry about it my baby also just want to walk walk walk

It is common for children to be full of energy and always moving around. To be diagnosed with Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a child will display symptoms of one of the three types of ADHD. The symptoms for each type include (taken from Inattentive type (child must display six out of nine symptoms) - Not paying attention to detail - Making careless mistakes - Failing to pay attention and keep on task - Not listening - Being unable to follow or understand instructions - Avoiding tasks that involve effort - Being distracted - Being forgetful - Losing things that are needed to complete tasks Hyperactive-impulsive type (child must display six out of nine symptoms) - Fidgeting - Squirming - Getting up often when seated - Running or climbing at inappropriate times - Having trouble playing quietly - Talking too much - Talking out of turn or blurting out - Interrupting - Often “on the go” as if “driven by a motor” Combined type (Shows symptoms of both inattentive and hyperactive-impulsive types) In general, the key point to note in trying to figure out if a child has ADHD is whether or not he/she suffers any impairment in their ability to inhibit and control impulses, which often affects his/her learning or function. For example, a chld with ADHD finds it difficult to process information. He/she is unable to “slow down” to take in the information. This poses as an issue in the classroom since children are expected to make sense of the information within a short period of time. Another common problem a child with ADHD faces is a struggle with execution functions such as organizing, planning, prioritizing, paying attention to and remembering details. A child with ADHD often also becomes easily overwhelmed and frustrated, and has trouble regulating their emotions. To sum up, if your child is energetic and have difficulty sitting still, but is still able to control his/her impulses and emotions, pay attention and respond appropriately in school and to others, it is unlikely that he/she has ADHD. If you suspect your child of having ADHD, consult a doctor or psychologist or psychiatrist for a formal evaluation. For more information, you can refer to this article:

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I reckon your daughter's just being a normal kid her age. It's normal for children of all ages to have lots of energy. Hyperactivity generally refers having increased movement, impulsive actions, and a shorter attention span, and being easily distracted. From your descriptions, I don't think your daughter displays signs of hyperactivity.

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