My child is 2 yrs old and she is very hyper active. Because of this she is not eating anything Please suggest how to make her to eat.

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If your child is hyper-active that means that she requires more nutrition to keep up her energy levels. I mean she must be getting more exhausted and losing her energy faster than other kids as she would be jumping around the whole day. I think, you will have to put in extra effort to feed her so that she doesn't become weak. I think, you buy an eating chair of hers, where you can make her sit and lock that with the table in front of it. This way, your baby will compulsively have to sit at one place, and you can feed her without doing at least the running thing. You can give a spoon or a glass to play with, or she can make sound with spoon and glass and be distracted and you can feed her in between. So, whenever you have to feed her, make her sit on her chair.

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My younger one is 3 and still is in this phase. I usually try to make her sit in one place and eat by keeping her busy with some other activity. I give her colouring sheets or read her a book while she is eating. We usually try to have dinner as a family. So while we're all at the table I ask her about poems and fun things in school to keep her interested and in one place. Sometimes of course I feed her even when she is playing or doing something else.

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