My lo is 14mths now. He has phobia of water (esp. when water goes into his eyes during bathe time). He will choose to stand inside his bathtub instead of sitting down. It's the first time we brought him to a public kids' pool with slides and all and he cried thru out. Any way to overcome this?

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It takes time for kids to actually love water. start with shower time. tell them that you are pouring water over his head and close your eyes and count to 10. i will make sure by 10, all soap is being rinsed off and he can open his eyes without water stinging his eyes. As for public pool it really take some time for them to get used and get over their fear. bring them to the pool more often to let them overcome their fear

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Try to engage in more positive interactions during his bath time. So bath time associates with happy/playtime. Follow his pace and don't rush. My boy was the same. And now he has overcomed it.

Give them time. Don't overwhelm him with the pool yet. During shower time let him stand if that's what he is comfortable with.