Hi, My 17 month old boy cries really badly when he is trying to poop. It usually takes quite awhile for him to release everything. There is even a little blood in his diaper most likely as he had to push out a hard and large stool. He eats fruits every alternate days and he drinks plain water too. He eats normally and is still on formula milk. I am so stressed everytime he is about to poop because he will really cry the house down. He goes back to his cheerful self after he is done pooping. Can any of you suggest ways I can help him get out of this phase please?

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Hi... you wanna try to give your LO honey water? I used to feed my LO honey water once a day to ease his bowel movements

5y ago

i'll try this out. thank you! 😁

Super Mum

Have you tried applying ruyi oil to him? Do some massage to boost his bowel movement. Drink more water

5y ago

Not specifically Ruyi oil but we have even succumbed to balms with mixtures of essential oils to aid with digestion and we have rubbed it on his tummy to stimulate bowel movement but we still encounter the same problem