My lo 10mo have been having phelgm for almost a mth. Whenever she coughs i can hear the thick phelgmy sound. Prior to this she also gets a cold almost ev mth since she goes to the ifc. The med doesnt help with the phelgm so this round i only gave prospan and again it doesnt help. Just wondering if it is ok to have prolong cough w phelgm? As she seems ok but some of her coughs she will stick out her tongue like trying to catch her breath. Other than that she is all well and active and feeding well. Sometimes really worried she may get bronchitis....n worried i cant identify its symptoms

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go tcm or pd to check and make sure lo's lung is clear. check with the teacher at ifc if the environment too cold? bring long top and bottom for lo to wear. avoid pear, banana etc as these cause more phlegm.

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it's def not good to have cough with phlegm for such a long period. Bring her to see a TCM. Use a the cupping method to pat over her back and chest to dislodge the phlegm in the meantime.

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I think the yu guo suggestion is good too. Especially cough - western med got no use for such. But yu guo is full of sick children so u have to be more cautious and practice higher hygiene

Yu guo is very good and highly recommended. Best to call and check the waiting time. Be prepared to wait, they are always full.

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have you seen a doctor or tried nebuliser? young babies usually have a harder time in expelling the phlegm on their own

Try to bring her to you guo at Kembangan. They helped my baby when she had prolonged cough