Nov 2021 Due in Singapore?

Would like to share experiences here! Please share your pregnancy experiences! Cheers!

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Nausea and fatigue constantly. Even waking up in the middle of the night due to stomach discomfort. Trying to keep myself sane 🥲

3y ago

Lucky you! Take care :)

Hi fellow Nov mummies to be, hope you all are all well! :) We are transiting to 2nd tri! Hope you all are feeling better

Me! Nov28. Starting to feel tired, slight nausea and kept on cramping. Didn't remember this much cramping during 1st pregnancy.

3y ago

We got the same EDD, 28 nov!

Anyone feels better (less puking) during week 8? I have been feeling better since then. Not sure if it’s normal.

due nov2021. bb have been kind to me, no nauseous, eating ok. vomit happens after taking multi-vitamins & fish oil

3y ago

do u replace multi-vitamins & fish oil with other medications? still some time away before i can check with my gynac

I’m so afraid to go out cos I’ve puked in public when I couldn’t get the plastic bag out in time.

Me too! Feel fatigue and can’t have empty stomach. Will feel giddy and nauseous when I’m hungry.

3y ago

Same with me

Hope this group still ongoing! EDD 3 Nov! So excited! Hope everyone is fine too!

3y ago


Having really bad nausea and vomiting and so exhausted all the time.

isit too late to buy baby's things on October if my due date is November 25th?

3y ago

Early Oct should be fine!