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Would like to enquire if anyone is facing what I am going through. I'm currently week 10 day 6.. so far I lost weight. Not gaining. Usually I vomit is the yellow acid.. however, starting this week.. I have been vomiting food more often after every meal. Is there something I should be worry about? I am always wanting to eat but after eating I'm vomited. And I feel hungry again. I having small meals several times everyday.

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Super Mum

It’s not unusual, so don’t worry regarding the events that you’re going through. However, there are good medications available to help you with your symptoms. They are safe for pregnancy. Do ask your gynae for them so that you can have some relief, be able to remain hydrated and also get better nutrition and rest:) take care

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2y ago

hi Thank you for your advice. my gynae did gave me anti vomit medicine. but it doesn't seems to help now. initially I took it once a day and felt better. now I took it doesn't seems to be better and I have to take twice. and still not any better. is it cux I'm immune to it? even eating folic acid, or just by looking at it, it makes me puke. 😔

Mine is not so serious but I’ve vomited food a few times and lose a bit of weight at 10weeks too. Impt to stay hydrated, drink ion water, eat Meiji biscuits when you can, take your multivitamin and fruits was ok for me too. I try to take what I can to get the most nutrients 😄 most impt stay positive and happy!

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Hello :) it's normal but do try to eat something so when you vomit, it's not acid and bile which is not so good for your stomach! Having small meals several times a day is the right thing to do, you're doing the right thing ❤️ make sure you stay well hydrated. You're not alone in this 💕

hi dear, this is normal...instead of having meals try eating green apple with peanut butter . Buy asam water, it helps.