Nausea and vomit…

Mummies who have been thru this or currently going through this…. I’ve been feeling nauseous whole day and vomited gastric juice even tho I’ve eaten. I’m still eating well. What medicine or drinks are you having to curb the nausea and prevent vomiting? 😭😭😭 I’m only week 6 and I feel like I’m already so mentally tired

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It’s me also! My gynea prescribed me diclectin to take at night which lasts the whole day but it wasn’t working very well for me as mine is very bad and I went to the GP to take additional METOCHLORPRAMIDE so I ate these 2 together and it works quite well for me. I wouldn’t say 100% but about 80% less vomiting :)

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Do let your gynae know! I was prescribed Pulin (metoclopramide) at week 7.5!

Im taking Diclectin. Let your gynae know and they will prescribe meds

it’s very normal. domperidone. get from your gynae