Would you leave your baby alone at home?

No way!
Yes, for a short while if baby is sleeping and I need to rush to get something

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No not at all

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I only did when they are toddlers and have a fix sleeping routine, i went out to get groceries, it was a quick one.

Not at all, I prefer being with them most of the time to take care of them

No I can't do it... even if he is sleeping.

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cant think of it! no way!

No but if situation demand leave baby with family one

If it's really important work then someone should be at home to look after baby or leave baby with someone familiar

Not unless there is somebody to look after her. Even if it’s just for a while.

i cannot even imagine to leave my babies alone!! just thinking about it makes me stress so much (like what will happen if there's fire, earthquake, etc and i or someone is not around)

2mo ago

I used to leave for couple of minutes to let the dog out. Becouse ir was too Hot ir too cold to go out with baby... It took 2-5 minutes.. Just took my radionanny with me. 🤷‍♀️

I have left my baby for a short while but it didn't exceed 2 minutes