My last period was 19 may I'm supposed to be 9 weeks 1 day now and app says so too. For my first check up I went to scan doctor stated 24 Feb baby will be born and I'm 5 weeks 1 day. Today I went again and did scanning doctor said 27 Feb 2020 baby will be born. And I'm 8 weeks and 4 days. Which one am I supposed to follow. Even the gyne keep changing the expected birth date and my pregnancy weeks. Any advise how am I suppose to calculate? Thanks in advance.

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Hi all of these could be inaccurate especially counting from your last menstruation, and it might be hard to measure when baby is so small. When you do a more detailed test (eg Oscar) at around 12 weeks that will give you the most accurate EDD and all doctors will refer to that date.

Hi mommy! On my app, i am supposedly 9w1d pregnant based on the 1st day of my last period, but when I had my 1st TVS, based on my baby's size, i was just 6w6d sabi ni OB 😊 already had 2nd TVS at 8weeks and same pa din due date ko.

Follow what the doctor says will be more accurate because that's based on ur baby's size shown on scan. The calculation based on first day of last menses may not be accurate because u may conceive later than expected.

I had the same question last week after I went for my first scan! 12 weeks based on my LMP, but was told I’m 9 weeks after the scan. Best to wait for detailed scan around 12-16 weeks :) congrats btw mummy! 🤍

Pregnancy app is purely based on 1st day of last menses. Gynae go by the size of the fetus, EDD of baby will change according to baby’s size based on my experience. Don’t follow app, trust your gynae ;)

Pno po pg 2 months ng delayed pero ng pt negative tpos my symptoms ng pgduduwal tiredness hardness nipple stomach cramps .. craving sa food

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hello momshie kamusta po buntis po kau? kelan naging positive sa pt? same here 2mos on Feb 20 na still negative sa PT😩

Same here. Im also confused. March 27, the result of the tvs was 5wks and 5days. I went to a clinic April 17 and the result was 6wks.

how suppose u are 8 weeks preg if u last period is 19 may? mine last period 10 april, now i only 8 weeks preg.

Follow LMP (date of last menstrual period). The edd on scans is always different because it's based on scan

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I would update to what the gynae has told you, but accuracy is only when you have done a detailed scan