Can’t see anything on week 6

I am apparently 6 weeks 4 days on my Flo app and I went for my first gynae appointment today at SGH. Did both ultra sound & transvaginal scan, doctor can’t see anything and I was referred to do a blood test and a more detailed scan later. I’m so scared and anxious. Doctor say I may be too early. Anyone experience this before?

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Update: just received my hcg results and it’s 4000. Doctor was surprised that it’s so high but still can’t see anything on the detailed scan. Would have to come back in 48 hours to track my hcg level.

i am at 7 weeks. just went for scan today. normal scan cant detect. had to go to Fetal centre at NUH. found my baby 😍 and saw his beating heart too

4mo ago


Hello! I’m currently about week 6 too, going to my first check next week - just curious did you use any pregnancy kits to check previously? 🙂

4mo ago

Yes I did, I use digital clear blue and it stated 2-3 weeks pregnant when I’m 5 weeks pregnant plus on Flo app.

I did my vaginal ultrasound at 6W, saw baby but haven't detect heartbeat. Hope you see yours soon!