EDD but cervix still not open

Ladies, today i went checkup on my EDD.. doc said cervix still closed.. doc asked if i want to take the pill to induce or go home and wait until monday.. i choose to wait.. do i make the right choice? :(
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if you are okay, and the baby is okay, then no need to worry
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If baby is not distressed and you still feel fine, I’d say wait another week. Meanwhile, continue walking. Goodluck!
Ya my also same as you. I waited for 2 days to see can induce naturally but nope. I went in to hospital to take the medicine for induced.
Like a string. put into our private part to induced. Sometime will drop out n need push back again. The feeling not good hahha.
Sometimes EDD is not accurate
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If baby is all stable and dg well, i'd say yes. 😊
Not sure hw ure dg for yr pregnancy, but if all is well u cn try to trigger labour thru sex/squats/walking/birthball. Im in yr exact position 4 mths ago..positive thoughts and talk to baby. 😊
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