20 weeks low lying placenta

Just went for a check up just now and the doctor told me i got low lying placenta. mostly like C sect in future. Cant go for massage before giving birth & also cant walk too much. Anyone experiencing the same as me? doctor told me that i have got a high chance bleeding if im not extra careful.

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There's still time and chances for the placenta to move. And yes, there may be chances of bleeding so do rest as much as possible. Do make sure to not carry any heavy things, avoid walking as much as possible, no sexual intercourse. Jiayous! :)

On w20 I have same issues too but doc ask me don't worry and it will move up...just no sex or exercise. Maybe considering change gynae? Haha

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There is still time for placenta to move up. Try to minimize movement and have more rest during this period of time.


I had low placenta too. Finally at week 30, my placenta went up to normal. Just tk care and dont carry heavy stuff

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Did you do any house chores st that condition?

You still have alot of time. Usually it will move up as your pregnancy progresses.

There is still plenty of time for the placenta to shift up