dry vagina

hello ladies. currently im 18 weeks+ and im sometimes i do have dry vagina. issit because i use feminie wash often? or because of my panties. i use the new ones everday. feel so uncomfortable so sometimes i dont wear panties at all to sleep.

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I would recommend that you stop using feminine wash. Over-washing plus feminine wash may kill healthy bacteria in your vagina and cause a pH imbalance and is sometimes accompanied by irritation/infections/dryness. If the problem persist, it’s best to see your doc :)

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i stopped using feminine wash since secondary sch days as it got my dry too and mostly infections. feminine wash can cause pH imbalance. our vagina is actually self cleaning so only using clean water will do.

You can stop the vaginal wash. That area actually don’t need additional wash, just water can clean. Try and see if there’s any difference

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You can try stopping the vaginal wash to see if it gets better. Just spraying water with the shower head is alright.