Vagina cramping

Hi mummies. Im currently in my 3rd trimester. Im having sharp cramps at my vagina/vulva. Whenever im on the bed wanna switch sides or getting up frm bed/chair/car and sometimes walking, I will feel this intense vagina cramps. Its not at my uterus or abdomen area. May I know if any mummies have this? #1stimemom

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Its normal. im at my 34 weeks the pain just dosnt get better. Read up theres no remedy for it all i did was walking ard the house and do kegel.

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It’s normal Dear! Coz the baby is getting heavier and starting to press on your bottom area. It’s normal to have swollen vagina too!

Yes it's normal, sounds like pelvic girdle pain, sometimes using belly support band will hell

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I do experience this when I’m about to gave birth, not always but a number of time.

Experienced this from week 38 till I gave birth. It’s normal :)

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I have been experiencing since 36weeks. It’s terrible ):