Normal panties post delivery

Any mummies use a normal panties post delivery and during postpartum ? Instead of the disposable ones ? Cause i find the disposable ones uncomfortable and stitching area feels scratchy. Thought of using a seamless panties. Any advise ? #firsttimemom

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seamless panties from shopee are cheaper than disposable 😂. check out those. there are comfortable disposable panties too. During confinement, normally will avoid in comtact with water thus the disposables panties.

I uses the menstrual panties. the one that's leak proof. material wise it's very cooling and more comfortable than disposable. you can find them on shopee

Highly recommend the Kotex overnight panties. It’s comfortable and convenient. I recommended to all my mummy friends and they like it :)

Can consider Kotex overnight panties! I find it more convenient for me compared to pads and panties. It doesn’t stick to the wound as well. 😊

yes, the kotex overnight panty is the best or the mesh panties that hospital provides.

I bought high waist disposable panties from taobao and I loved it! Very comfortable.

Yeap used seamless panties and normal menses pad for mine 😊

I use normal panties n put normal menses pad.


yes me... used the same as before

4mo ago

Ya same, used Kotek for 2-3 weeks. No need to clean 😅