Keeping in mind the volatile situation in our country and the fact that most issues like rapes, molestation, robbery, getting beaten up, pushed around etc happen mostly because people are ignorant, gullible and unprepared.... shouldnt there be more training institutes that teach basic know how of criminal mindset and some steps and guidance on how to take care of ourselves? There are classes that teach everything under the sun, but this I still have yet to see. These should be taken up in societies and communities...instd of just relying on a few security guards, shouldn't there also be something the whole neighborhood can do? What's the suggestion all can give here?

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Yes, true. No doubt there should be measures taken to curb criminals, but at the same time we should take steps that ensure our and our kids well being. I think there should be spruced up security in our societies. There should be CCTV cameras in play areas as well. Actually in every place where people our moving, especially in societies with vulnerable (dark) areas. There should be some basic self defence course that each and everyone should do to ensure that we can avert any uncalled for incident. Also, one must not to go the level of being finicky in doing all this. Being, alert, cautious is all we should be, but this driving our mind all the time will add undue stress in life. Have a know how of your surroundings and if you see anything suspicious bring it into light and complain to the police rather than sighting everyone with doubtful eyes day in and day out.

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definitely yes, but i guess the first step is to prepare ourselves and our kids to be able to handle such situations. one great way of doing this is to enroll in combat sports, that teach you how to defend yourself when caught in an attack mode. if not, the basic classes such as karate and any form of martial arts is a good example. in addition, we need to keep our kids informed about safe practices, as well as keep our residential areas safe through gadgets such as CCTV surveillance, as well as trusted security guards and vigilant residents.

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what I had in mind was enrichment classes. it's for kids and adults. these classes r unheard of in major Indian cities. these r very prevalent abroad. in such classes u get hands on techniques of HOW to protect yourself especially as the unforseen occurrence happen when u least expect it and when u r most unprepared. these classes should teach awareness of ur surrounding whether in trains or residential complex, how to protect yourself when someone tries to enter ur home or is in ur home uncall