Weight gain in 3rd tri

Hi, I've been gaining 1kg a week for the past 3 weeks. Im in week 30 now. Is this weight gain normal? or should I slow down? I've consciously been eating more as my gynae told me my bb body's size is smaller than average!

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Most of my weight gain was in the last 10 weeks! I didn't gain any up till after 15 weeks and even then it was 0.5kg to 1kg every month. After 30-32 weeks it was more like 1-2kg per week. I think it's okay! My baby came out at 2.83kg. Smallish but still acceptable weight. Also I am not sure if the weight goes to bb because at the end sometimes it's just fluid retention. My bb didn't gain that much weight in the last few weeks.

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Completely normal but then gynae will keep asking you to try to gain more weight for bb. I've always been a small size and I only gained 1 kg throughout my whole pregnancy for all my 4 kids. 3 of them came out at 2.4kg & surprisingly the last one came out at 3.08kg. Probably because that's the only pregnancy that I drank materna milk

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2y ago


Total weight gain during the entire pregnancy is usually advised based on your pre-pregnancy BMI. The baby usually starts growing a lot the last 10weeks before delivery. As long as your gynae didn't comment on your weight gain, you should be doing fine!


I lost 5kg at 1st Tri was 45 drop to 40kg. end of 36 weeks pregnancy I gain 22kg 😂 I guess it depend on individual, I can't control my diet I can't be bothered I just eat.

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hi, i think is depends on indivdual. for me my weight up n down around there 7-9kg. but my baby weight gain n my gynae said is normal.

2y ago

yes. maybe u try drink milo. Try not to stress urself.