Baby's body size is smaller than average

Hi, my gynae told me that my bb's body size is smaller than average (week 28 he was 1014g), anything that I can eat to boost foetal weight?

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Durian and ice cream works great and instantly. Be careful with sugar intake as taking too much sugar could lead into gestational diabetes. For safer method if you’re worried with GD, try adding more avocado and full cream fresh milk to your diet.

Drink maternal milk every night. My other children were small when they were born. I started drinking maternal milk when I was pregnant with my son and he comes out at 3.08kg. Eat durian in moderation as it can make your baby to have high jaundice

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Any brand! I drank Anmum

I am petite to begin with and my gynae told me to drink maternal milk twice or 3x a day, and add more protein to diet. My baby was born at 39 weeks weighing 2.77kg

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Drink maternal milk, eat ice cream and durian, protein (beef, chicken and fish).. It works for me..hope it works for you too..

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More protein? Can go for bbq whack all the red meat! 😝

More calcium n protein. Exercise a bit if you can


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