Gaining 1kg every week

Hi mummies. I’m 6 weeks, and since week 4, I’ve gained 1kg each week. I’m not sure if it’s a healthy weight gain but I know for your first trimester, weight gain avg between 2-4kg is fine. But I’m alrdy up 2kg in 2 weeks. I’m afraid by week 12, I’m alrdy up 12kg. Any advise on how to keep the weight gain slow? I don’t snack but now tend to have a bigger appetite. Used to skip breakfast pre-pregnancy and now having oats/cereals in the morning. I exercise everyday too at least 45mins. My boobies are fuller and heavier, serious tummy bloating too.

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Hey no worries. Maybe you are like me - I gain weight really fast in the early pregnancy for both pregnancies. But after week 9, weight gain rate slowly decreased towards the end of pregnancy and total pregnancy weight gain was within normal range. Anyway, you may also wish to note that if you are underweight or healthy weight, you can expect a greater pregnancy weight gain.

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