Can normal but gassy baby drink Nan HA?

My baby is 6 weeks old and my bm yield is low so I decided to mix in formula as a top up for night time. He is very gassy and spit milk/vomit almost every meal. Every meal he will want to pass motion and will gek sai till milk come out even from his nose. After drinking and burping, he will still vomit a bit of milk even after resting before lying him down. So far he poops a lot a day and everytime during or after feeding. Didnt see dr for any diagnosis and not sure if I should give him Nan HA as I bought this instead of Nan. TIA

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Hi mama, I cant say for sure whether your bb will be able to take Nan HA, but maybe I can share my experience w my bb. Im also a low supply mom. My bb is now 3mo. Initially we gave him Nan HA and later on decided to change to normal Nan but it seemed like he couldn't digest v well (he kept spitting up) so we changed back to HA and he's been ok. We adjusted the amount of fm that we give to him and he is not spitting up anymore now. He used to spit up almost every feed. Spitting up could be because we r giving him too much. How much r u giving your bb?

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3y ago

I ep bm for him since he refused to latch. All these while drinking bm. Only when in the begining when I got no milk he drank 2 days formula and when he had jaundice, neonatal ward top up formula. Other than these 2 occassion he has been drinking only bm.