It's my husband's birthday on the 27th and it's also going to be his first time celebrating father's day. Any tips on how to make it special without spending too much?

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Hi Ashley! I made my husband notes written how much I love him in 35 ways. Scattered all over our house. It's like a maze and he needs to follow and look for the next number to complete it. Because he is 35 years old and then I bought a cake for him. So you can try it in 27 ways why you love him or 27 ways he should be thankful of. :)

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You can DIY some memorable cards or keepsakes for your husband for memories. E.g. baby's footprint and handprint card. Also, you can engage a photographer for a family photoshoot during his special day. I feel this will be a lifetime memories for 3 of you.

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Try to make a personalized greeting card or try incorporating your husband's hobbies to a personalized birthday cake. A simple family lunch or dinner (with your husband's favorite dishes be serve) will be perfecf as well.

aww!!! Nice idea!!! thank you! being a first time mommy takes so much of my time (and mind)that I didn't get to think of those little sweet things. Thank you for putting it up!