Is "usog" or "bati" for real?

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For the uninitiated, "usog" is an affliction or psychological condition that happens to children when they are greeted by a visitor or stranger who has the "evil eye". The child would start crying uncontrollably, fall sick or act strangely when this happens. Do I think it's real? As with most superstition, I am 50-50. In every culture, superstitions, while steeped in the supernatural, often have scientific and logical explanation. For usog, researchers believe that young children are affected because of they are susceptible to illness and diseases. They are also more sensitive to distress that could come about from meeting someone new. A child's inability to adapt to change on environment or social interaction could be misconstrued as an evil malevolent supernatural affliction. While I don't know too much about usog, I do think that young children are quite "sensitive" to such matters. I don't obsess about it but when superstition is involved, having grown up with many of my culture's own stories, I am cautious and rather be safe than sorry.

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