Can oatmeal be a rice substitute for lugaw?

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It depends on the age. Is this for a first-time solid food eater or for an older baby? My sister, gave her 6-month-old baby rice lugaw initially since it's safer for babies. But when her baby got older, she gave her oatmeal since it has more nutritional value. Oatmeal aids digestion, reduces infant reflux, among others. But be aware that some babies can have allergic reaction to oatmeal, including hives, diarrhea, and vomiting. Please see this article for more information:

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Yes, and I suggest you choose the rolled oats variant instead of the regular oats. Never pick the instant one. Observe if your baby doesn't develop allergies when oats are eaten. Just to be safe, just give it on the 7th month

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I agree with Love. I know a friend and her child has allergic reaction to oatmeal. While considering the nutritional value of food, to be safe, always observe your baby after trying to feed him or her new types of food.

Yes, my officemate before used oats instead of rice on her lugaw and it tasted ok. It might be too adventurous for some but for me the taste is ok.

I think so. Aside from oats, you may also try quinoa. I've seen one in S&R and it's a healthy grain substitute

This is a well detailed section.. Thanks for those info. 😍😍😍

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Pwede po yung rolled oatmeal 🙂

Yes po