At what month can babies be fed with rice?

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Rice can actually be fed to babies as early as 6 months but it's best to delay it until they're about 7-10 months. At the introduction of solids, it's best to give less allergenic fruits and veggies to a baby. Also, you may want to opt for brown or red rice because it contains higher nutritive value compared to the white counterpart.

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I follow TK when feeding my baby, thus, I gave him brown rice porridge with mashed kalabasa, malunggay, breastmilk on his 7th month which is his 1st food. Mix and match with other veggies to let him have his complimentary feedings be packed with necessary nutrients.

Parents usually wait till after 7 or 9 months to give rice to babies. Rice, especially white, can have a binding effect and cause constipation. Most parents will also choose to give babies rice porridge first instead of normal white rice.

You can start at 7-8 months :) My friend started feeding her daughter porridge or rice with mashed vegetables :)

for my 3 children ive tried 6 months..if i can remember it clearly i even tried 5 months