Is it really true that we need to shave off baby's hair in order for them to grow nicer & fuller? I'm really thinking about shaving off her hair as recently her hair are falling a bit during bath time and also I see them on her bedsheet but I can't bear to shave them off totally.

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It really depends, because I've seen some babies who went for a shave but their hair grew back in patches. Plus, a haircut doesn't stimulate hair growth. My baby already has a full head of hair, so I don't intend to shave it off as a gamble to see if it will grow back fuller.

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I don't think that it is true. My baby had hair dropping too and didn't really have alot of hair. Many ladies have advised me on this method and I did shave her hair at 5 months but her hair growth did not speed up and now still kind of hairless. So, I don't think shaving does help in growing out nicer and fuller hair.

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To be very honest, i had beautiful curly hair but still it was shaved off in the name of tradition. I think I had better hair then... lol! It totally depends on you. Sometimes shaving off helps, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sorry if I’ve confused you more!

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there is no science to prove that shaving baby's head results is better hair but if u want to give it a try u can as hair will regrow anyways.

it's a myth. however baby hair texture followed parents Genes


It's a myth