Is it okay to have dry fruits and nuts during the first trimester?

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Dry fruits are beneficial to a mother during pregnancy and could be incorporated as part of her diet. It is a great source of fiber, iron, and minerals and vitamins. Nuts are a good source of iron and protein. However, dried fruits and nuts are foods that are high in calories. Hence, like always, eat these in moderation as part of a healthy and balanced diet and avoid overconsumption. You can refer to the table in this article for the type of dried fruits and nuts and the nutritional benefits:

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Although they are fruits, anything "dried" has more preservatives and high in sugar and I wouldn't recommend mummies to take to much of it. You could take some to kill your cravings but otherwise, I agree with the mummies above and would suggest you to get fresh fruits instead. Most canteens, hawker centres, food courts, and even cafes sells cut fruits so it should be pretty easy for you to get some during lunch time.

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Dry fruits and nuts are normally added with preservative unless you are taking the naturally sun-dried fruits and nuts. It is still better to take in fresh fruits if you have a choice.

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Ok to have but try to limit it as dried fruits contain high sugar levels. Baked nuts without flavoring are healthy to eat for pregnancy.:)

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Mình like ảnh cho bé nhà mình với ạ thanh you

I'm in my third tri and still snack on dried fruit occasionally. And tonnes of prunes. The constipation is no joke


Take the healthy ones almonds cashew nuts pistachio

Yes, you can much on them as much as you want :-)

Yes you can have dry food