hi everyone! is it ok to eat fruits during first trimester?

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It’s ok to eat fruits during first trimester, just try to avoid those cooling fruits like pineapples and watermelon.

yap, it is okay to eat.

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Yes of cause !

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why not? i eat everything in moderation, even supposedly cold fruits like watermelon (on hot days for eg). baby is out normal, chubby and full term 40 weeks

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yes. everything in moderation

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yes thats fine

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Yes of cause!

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Sure of course. U need vitamins and antioxidants for ur pregnancy but try to avoid cold fruits and those fruits high in sugar content like water melon and mango, as there is a risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

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Sure, why not when it's filled with natural vitamins? Just don't eat them cold

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Hi... yes, it is good to eat fruits but moderately. And try not to consume too much ‘cold ‘ fruits such as watermelon and pineapples.