Is it okay to eat ice during pregnancy?

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It is generally fine, but if you find yourself craving for ice, it may be an indication of low iron levels. Don't chew on ice though, as it may cause hairline cracks in your teeth.

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I sucked on ice a lot during my pregnancy because the weather was so hot! I was in my 3rd trimester May and the heat was really unbearable. Baby is perfectly healthy.

Yeah! Totally! Good way of keeping yourself hydrated, but i wont bite rather suck on it. Ice chips heloed me whenever i craved for something cold.

I guess so. I remember my ob advised me to suck ice to help me ease morning sickness and nausea.

they give you ice chips in the hospital I thought so why wouldn't you be able to have ice

I think it's perfectly fine with eating ice during pregnancy, keeps you hydrated.

idk why but i always love to chew ice when im pregnant 😊

It is fine to eat ice/ice cream during pregnancy as long as in moderation.

Yup, its okay... I love having ice too munch on😂

my mom-in-law said don't drink too much ice

3y ago

but eat I dunno la... hahaha