is it safe?

Is cordyceps safe to be consumed during pregnancy?

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Western perspective: Pregnant women should avoid cordyceps as there are insufficient studies to show that it is safe for mother and fetus. Eastern perspective: Cordyceps helps to boost fertility but it is still recommended to consult a TCM doctor before consuming them.

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My gynae mentioned to be wary about herbs but it's ok to take in small quantities, once in awhile; not on regular basis. The only thing she told me to avoid was Ginseng as it can cause mutations/malformations in the foetus.

I have heard that it should be avoided but some people advice that it boost energy for pregnant woman. I think it is better to check with your gynae about taking herbs during your pregnancy.

not safe at all. most herbs have adverse effect when taken during pregnancy. pls dont risk yourself, consult your doctor before consuming

I agree, it's best to avoid any type of herbs without consulting a doctor.

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avoid herbs during pregnancy at all costs. chk with TCM

best to avoid consuming unless prescribed by the doctor.


I tot only can take after give birth