Is anyone homeschooling their kids? Can you please share on your experience and at what age should I be starting if I want to home school my kids?

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There are a few homeschooling support groups in Facebook. I do partial homeschool before my children turns 2 years old. Actually I do not have a concrete curriculum for young kids and I just follow their interests in daily life. E.g. my son recently shows interest in types of motorcycles, so I borrow some books on this topic, and do art and craft with him. Also, I bring him to walk outside for him to recognise different types of motorcycles. You can make busy bags for your kids too. For young children, we more focused in cognitive development. For some mummies, they prefer to have a curriculum in place, especially for elementary kids. You can visit to get more ideas on types of curriculum available.

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I know some parents here in Sweden who home-school their kids and they start as early as 3 and usually stop as soon as they reach the age for elementary school (around 7). I know one mommy who home-schooled her daughter till she was 12 but personally, I wouldn't go that far. I think it's important to introduce children to mainstream education when they are of age as this will help them prepare for higher education. Reckon home-schooling should be kept to the nursery, pre-school time-frame.

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I started homeschooling at age 4 when they begin to show interest on learning, books and what we call circle time (singing, dancing, storytelling). Going great so far as kids enjoy the balance of learning and playtime anywhere, anytime. I have learned to love it too as i personally pass on values i would love for them to embrace as they grow up.

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Depends where are you going to enroll them VCIS starts at 3.2yo while TMA starts at 3.5yo :) It is the best decision we made as a family. My kids are happier and more responsible :)

The homeschooling support group in Singapore is great! I am in the group and they meet up often and help you along the way. Try requesting to join the group.