We are in camaya coast bataan now and my kids are so excited to go swimming :) Any suggestion guys on what activities we can do in the beach that would help develop their mental and social aspects?

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This would bring wonderful experience for your kids. Actually just walking by the shore can be a fun activity. You may ask questions like what are things they can see near the shore! Its perfect for them to get to know more nature and at the same time you can teach them how to keep nature clean. Camaya is offering exciting activities too such as Pawikan Hatch-a-ton, Basketball games & Volleyball where they can meet new friends. Have fun!

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When at the beach, you can do lots of things like making sand castles, exploring the shores to check out some sea creatures roaming around and you can share stories to your children. It tickles their imagination and creativity as well.

Wow thats cool mark !!! You may send your kids in a treasure hunt .Bring coins or objects and hide them in the sand and around your area for your children to find. I hope that will help :) Enjoy your vacation !

Best activity for kids is building objects or structures using sand (i.e. sand castles!). This enhances their creativity and stirs up their imagination. Enjoy!

Go for a walk along the shore. See what living animals (snails, starfish, crabs, seagulls) you can spot. Im sure you kids we love it !!!


hello. there's a play area in camaya coast. also, try asking about the hiking trail ;)