All about bakuna

Nowadays, it seems that we're trying to get back to normal as kids, teens and even old folks are now allowed to go anywhere most especially in the malls. Many adults were vaccinated, but for teens not as much. I have a strong belief that we should all get vaccinated regardless of the age if there's an available vaccine. The teens really need to get vaccinated to ensure the safety of their health and at least there's a defense wall just in case any virus or bacteria that will attack them and their immune system. They also need it as much as we can because it will help protect them from the virus. There are a lot of teens aging from 12-17 years old that needs to be vaccinated so that they can go back to school as well. #TeamBakuNanay #HealthierPhilippines #ProudtobeaBakunanay #Allaboutbakuna #VaccinesWorkforAll

All about bakuna
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