I’m one week pp. having a one month confinement nanny at home looking after the baby. These few days realised that the baby seems very attached to the nanny. Whenever he cries, either me or my husband carries him, he continued crying until the nanny carries him and he will stop. As new parents, we don’t know why baby is crying and felt helpless. Now we are worries if nanny goes back after one month, what are we supposed to do? Hubby will go back to work but what about me staying alone w my baby? How am I suppose to handle this? :(

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It's normal to feel this way as you didn't have any experience.. Nanny are use to and know what they wan just by reading thier cries. Maybe u like to research more on baby crying. Normally baby cry is either they are hungry, feed them, wet diapers, change them, wind in the tummy, apply oil to release wind everyday without fail after body cleaning or bath, or didn't burp them properly, sleeping time, don't over stimulate them. Talking to baby when they cry is useful too. I seen mothers keeping quite didtn talk to baby to sooth them in the end the baby cry more in the train or public. Ask ur nanny many question about baby, ask her for tips to sooth baby too.. They will defdinateoy teach u. And most importantly don't panic when baby cry, they sense ur worries and cry even louder. Using lavender essential oil to diffuse in the room to calm them is another way. So they will not be a fussy baby

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hi! any updates on how the baby transited? having the same problem now. LO only wants nanny to carry