normal to have no morning sickness?

Im week 6 day 1 and I am not feeling any nausea at all. I only feel more gas when I eat and the need to burp. Is that normal?

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Mine kicked in around week 9! Initially I was worried like you, but I realised that I am just one of the lucky ones. I instantly feel better when I get to see and hear my baby during ultrasound!

I didn't feel nauseous until week 8. But then again, the nausea was only for a short while, usually at night. I felt better after week 10! Most of the time, I just kept burping.

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My nausea started 6 weeks onwards. However, no vomit, only gagging. If you don’t have it, it’s normal too! Once u see ultrasound with heartbeat, u will feel more at ease.

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Blessed with no morning sickness so far as well and am 33 weeks now. Heard other mummies with no experience of morning sickness as well. Think it depends on individual

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Yes it is normal. I don't have severe nausea throughout my pregnancy. Only bloated tummy which then my gynae prescribe me probiotic to ease the bloatness :)

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Me! My nausea start kicking in only after week 6. If u don’t have, then lucky you! You will feel more at ease after u see heartbeat.

Some doesnt have symptoms at all. Some gets nausea or morning sickness the whole pregnancy. So it is different on everybody

It is normal. I did not have any nausea or sickness in my first trimester. 21st week now and still positive :)

It is normal. Me too. But after my 2nd trimester is here, the honeymoon period is officially over.

Symptoms varies from person to person.. Some may have some may not dun worry too much 😊