No symptoms at week 6

Hi mommies, is it ok to not have any symptoms as of week six? I only had a one time nausea feeling and the rest of the time i am feeling very normal. I dont even feel pregnant? My stomach still look flat. Is that normal? #firsttimemom

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Week 13 tomorrow, I’m one of the lucky one whose only symptoms were slightly sore boobs, tiredness and food aversions. All have eased up for me around end of week 11. My tummy now is still the same as pre-preg, still wearing all my original clothes and underwear.. in fact until now I still don’t feel pregnant despite having seen my baby twice in ultrasounds 😂

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8mo ago

May i ask which week did you see your baby and heartbeat through abdominal ultrasound?

Yesss! Some dont even have any symptoms till birth! Very very lucky. However some starts late. By 7 weeks or so. And yes baby is like one dot size? Stomach will start to look bigger by 4 months or so, before that you wont look pregnant. Or atleast for me. Dont worry too much!

yes I also didn't have much symptoms throughout my pregnancy... I am week 25 now. i was also anxious that I didn't have the usual signs of pregnancy. just eat well and go for your regular gynae checks. sometimes no sign is also good sign 😀

8mo ago

I agree. We’re really lucky not to have symptoms at all! I’m on my 24th week now, I just make sure I eat healthy, don’t force yourself, listen to what your body tells you, rest if you need to.

Yes, it’s normal. Found out I was pregnant when I was on the 2nd month already cos I had no symptoms at all. I’m already 24weeks now. I also bought a fetal doppler to listen to my baby when I dont really feel pregnant. 😅

8mo ago

I just felt bloated on the 2nd month. I kept on reducing my food intake cos I just got back from a holiday overseas that time. So I thought I just ate too much during the trip. Can you imagine, even til 22 weeks I have been travelling because I really didn’t have any symptoms at all. So don’t worry mummy! You’re actually lucky by not having symptoms ☺️

Yes it is very normal! I don’t feel pregnant even when I was week 7! I was still wondering if I am really pregnant till I had my first gynae visit!

Yes. I didn’t have nausea throughout my pregnancy. However, my feet were super swollen in the third trimester.


yes. my symptoms (usually nausea & fatigue) start at week 10-11

Mine came at week 10- morning sickness