Baby movement and kicks

Hi mommies. I'm at my 21 weeks today and have yet to feel any baby movement or kicks, unlike my friends who felt them from 16-20 weeks. Should I be worried?

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It’s normal. You’ll feel gas bubbles at first between 16-25 weeks. Every pregnancy is different so please don’t compare and worry unnecessarily. Says the mother who is worried 24/7 about not feeling strong movements at Week 20 for her 2nd pregnancy. Lol. No really, every pregnancy is different so just watch out for those early signs of gas bubbles, little flutters. It will then gradually become stronger.

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I’m not sure for you but I’m a FTM & only felt mine at 22 weeks onwards 😄

Different pregnancy is different. Some may feel it earlier.

I also only felt like after 22-23weeks for first child.

I only felt at 22 weeks