Morning sickness and nausea. Killing me

Hi, im still in my early pregnancy days. 7wks like that. And that nausea and morning sickness has already started. Been trying my best not to vomit at all. But the "pain" is killing me. What foods/drinks help to ease this phase? Any tips to share? Urgent help pls! Thank you!

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what i eat when i was having morning sickness are plain biscuits, toasts, porridge, rice with soups. eat in small amounts at a time. drink only at the end of the meal. take small sips of water throughout the day when you can. i also drink sports drink to keep myself hydrated. i bought sports candy to suck to avoid the sour taste on my tongue. i only take folic acid during the first trimester. i start taking the rest of the vitamins only after my symptoms disappear. dont worry about not getting enough for baby. your wellbeing is more important. you can catch up on the nutrients later on when u have recovered from morning sickness. its important that u eat and drink even though in small amounts because leaving your stomach empty will result in your symptoms getting worse. takecare.

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I was at my ultimate worst during my first and second trim. Wanna eat, but cannot smell the smell if food while it's hot. Nausea was very bad. 24/7. What "soothed" / helped alittle is that i ate cold fruits like cold apples, bananas and oranges. Hope that helps. Hang in thr! You can do it!! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

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