Morning Sickness/Nausea

Hi, ive been prescribed Dicletin for my morning sickness. I tend to vomit daily. Trying to find other alternatives. Anyone here taking Vitamin B6? Does it help?

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I took dilectin for 2nd preg but still puke on alternate day. I put on those pulse pressure wristlet on both hands, apply peppermint oil at my nose.. eat small meals.. though still puke every 2 days but at least better than 1st preg puke 4 times a day for 9 weeks...

Yes vitamin b6 help me with morning sickness. But you need to check with your doctor before taking it

I tried ginger drink, ginger tablets, lemon juice etc but only the meds Odensetron worked for me.


i suck on ginger sweets, ocassionally take ice cream, and also drink warm water