Cervix in early pregnancy

Hi! So I'm self checking my cervix these past few days after my ovulation. I had sex with my hubby at the time of my peak, and we are trying to get pregnant. I'm confused po, my cervix is kinda high but I don't exactly know if it's soft or not. Sometimes it felt soft, but sometimes not. Help po.

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Ako chinecheck ko yung discharge ko... Dun ko nalalaman if ovulating ako or not. And malaking factor din kung regular ang cycle ng period.

3y ago

i had lotion like discharge na super sticky and it was yellowish after nun wala na till now. i was sure na nakipag sex ako kay hubby when i was fertile, and am really expecting there's something going on but i'm not sure kasi cofused ako sa texture ng cervix ko.

Better consult na sa OB or you can do PT first for initial testing.

3y ago

i used pt twice but both neg pero sabi nila masyado pa daw maaga para mabasa ng pt dahil mag 2 weeks pa lang after we mate