water bag burst will it only leak Abit?

I'm not sure issit water burst or issit discharge. Leak once around 3pm so far nothing till now

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Do go to the hospital. Reminded me of my labour. I wasn’t sure if it was discharge or water bag so i kept delaying. Mine was not a lot. It was more of like wet panty liner and then it stopped. When i finally got to hospital, the amniotic fluid level was so low. Had to be induced right away as baby wasn’t moving much.

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3y ago

Ic. Thanks for sharkng

Same I also had water bag leak (1 pad soaked around 2 hours initially, then to 1 pad soaked every half an hour). Went hospital and the doctors administered antibiotics. No contractions at all. Had to induce.

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Pls go hospital now. I was like u when i give birth to my number one. Leak abit n stop. Weny hosp they cfm is waterbag. Need to check if not will b prone to infection. Better to b safe

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It can be either. I had from 35th week onwards but only discharge. However, if you feel any contractions or you want to confirm, do visit your Gynae immediately.

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Prolly discharge.. if burst either one big puddle of water or continuous leakage.. visit the gynae to double confirm if u are worried

3y ago

thank you . I guess shld be discharge so far till now still no water leak again

I leak twice then go KKH