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Girls pls share what kind of detergent or tricks to use to get rid of the smell, the weather is hot its perfect for drying clothes but somehow my clothes got smell( tried to clean the washing machine and used different detergents already.. is that normal? I'm not from Singapore so maybe I dont know something :) thank you!

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Use softener. Downy works best. Try all the colours and see which smell you like the most and remember not to put too much cause the smell can be overpowering. Also, add Dettol into your load. For detergent I use liquid detergent like Breeze Goodbye Musty or Anti-Bacterial (indoor drying). Sometimes I use Dynamo with Downy. For Downy softener, I like the parfum series (black purple, black red, black pink) and the essential oil series. I don’t like powder detergent because they can leave white spots on clothes. Also, hang out to dry in the hot sun if you can.

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Once washing cycle starts, you might want to soak it for a bit (like an hour)I use 2 laundry pods for a full load (12kg) run the cycle and once it’s on the rinse cycle, pour in some Downy softener and soak for 15 minutes. Spin. Hang to dry. This works for both indoor and outdoor drying. Hope this helps! All the best.

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