Worry to fall asleep

Hi! My bbygirl just turned two & her feeding & sleeping patterns are adjusting really well. She will sleep from 930pm till 830am with 2 feedings in the between. I know i should be sleeping during the 2 feedings but i just cant help it to worry bout her if i sleep. Do anyone feel the way i do? Should i just sleep? What if anything happens to her? Bbygirl is a rainbow child as i had 2 miscarriages before this & ive been reading about sids, its been haunting me ever since she was born and saw her choked on her vomit during her sleep. Im just so scared that anything happens to her when im asleep. I dont wanna disturb my husband as he needs his sleep for work. What should i do? Continue to be awake while she sleeps or just sleep when she’s sleeping? ☹️

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I will normally sleep. And will only wake up when my baby cries for milk. But we co sleep. And I’m a light sleeper. So most of the time when baby moves or cry, i will definitely wake up.

2y ago

Awww Really needed to hear that. Thank you so much for your kind words ❤️