It is all in the mentality

I’m in week 10 of my first pregnancy and the morning sickness is really terrible. I get terrible headaches, nausea all day. Loss of appetite. I am only able to eat one small meal a day. Insomnia due to nausea at night until early morning. I can’t stand for so long without feeling like i am going to pass out. My husband is not being supportive at all. He says it is all in the mentality. It is so stressful i’ve not experience a single bit of joy. Just anxiety from thinking if i am a good mother will i be able to carry this baby well.

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I feel sorry for you that your husband is not supportive of you having a morning sickness. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and should be enjoyed by both mum & dad. It is not a pleasant thing to go through alone but on another note, it is a sign of a healthy pregnancy ! Try to eat bland foods like plain porridge, plain biscuits or fruits like banana. You still need to fill your empty stomach to get through the whole day. Also, drink alot of water to hydrate yourself although you will puke. There's actually an anti nausea band that you can buy at Guardian. I've used it before and it kind of help me a bit. The band presses on your wrist to give it a pressure so it kind of help to ease the nausea. Be patient. You will get through this. Hopefully when you've hit the 2nd trimester, all the puking will subside. Take care mummy!

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Try to choose blander food to eat? For my first trimester, I couldn't stand the smell of meat and fish, so I took vegetarian meals and crackers. I also got Diclectin from my gynae to help with the nausea. The nausea will pass for most people after entering the 2nd trimester. Don't worry too much. At this stage, your body has reserves to fuel the growth of the baby. So even if you don't eat as much, the baby still grows as normal. Try not to stress. No one is perfect, and we're all learning along the way.

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I was like you during my 1st tri! hang in there! 2nd tri will be better!! I finally feel "normal" & happier at about mid 2nd tri. I'm able to eat more . nausea only when feeling rlly hungry 😅 get anti-vomit pill from gynae & drink ginger tea it helps for me!!


hang it there sister! you will feel so much better when you reach 2nd trimester