Frequent headaches in first trimester

This is my second pregnancy and it's very very tiring to take care of a toddler which is 16 months old and having nausea all day round. I am also having frequent headaches and have to resort to eating paracetamol. Feeling ultra guilty after eating since I know I am supposed to be avoiding medication at all during first trimester. Other natural methods don't help in resolving the headache and I am really feeling so guilty and depressed. I am only at my ninth week and still got at least three weeks before the nausea will subside. I can stand vomiting all day but I can't stand getting headaches. #pleasehelp

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Have you discuss with husband that you need help? Mom or mil able to help to look after #1 during the day? At least for a month till you feel better. Are you intend to send #1 to childcare too? Yes please avoid medication during 1st trim. You need some rest in between. Is sour palm snacks helps your nausea? Or any snacks that helps you? Mine was chocolate milk, apple juice etc :)

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Hello! Have u consulted your gynae? They may be of better help in coping with your headaches? As for your #1, ur mom? Mil? They may be able to help u with that Cus u need a lot of rest. Hang on okay?