Sleeping On Back During Third Trimester

Hi All, I'm in my 7th month and I sleep on my back unknowingly during night. Not sure how to avoid it. Is it harmful for the baby if I sleep for a long time on the back? Kindly suggest.

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By 3rd tri you should be sleeping on your sides preferably the left side but it's okay if you unknowingly slept on your back when you're asleep. Sleeping on your left side allows for optimal blood flow to your baby and also takes the pressure off your liver and your kidneys. This means more room to function properly, helping with swelling issues in your hands, ankles, and feet. Once you've noticed that you slept on your back, change your position to the left side.

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I didn't know about the position I only want to feel comfortable I can't sleep both side at all only can on my back if I sleep side ways my baby will box or kick me. my baby is healthy and heavy. sometimes really not our choicr

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Yes, try to sleep on your sides when you can. Sometimes I will turnover to my back too and once I realise that, I will switch to my sides. Can put a pillow behind your back to stop yourself from turning onto your back

before 20 weeks still ok but after 20 weeks should sleep on your side and preferably left side so that more blood flows to baby for better growth

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Yes it’s extremely harmful and could cause a stillbirth. Pls move to sleeping on side