Hi im in my 36th weeks now. Is it safe to drink tea and hot chocolate? I like to drink 100plus and h20 as well.

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Is best for pregnant women to exclude isotonic, carbonated and energy drinks, if possible, as they contain large amounts of sugar, caffeine, colorants, and preservatives. Clean drinking water is considered the perfect beverage during pregnancy. As for tea and chocolate, just moderate your intake.

I work in a high stress environment, and coffee is life. Drank teas and coffees throughout my pregnancy though limited to one cup of either per day. Baby's fine. Mom's happy.


Try drinking organic tea without the caffeine. Hot chocolate and other drinks are ok in moderation. But if you can, drink more water for hydration

I have been avoiding gassy and isotonic drinks throughout my pregnancy! Best to drink mineral water and coconut water is good too! :)

Best to avoid caffeine which can be found in your tea. I drink alot nestle cereal drink pregnant and avoid coffee, tea n etc

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Hi... yes, you can drink whatever you desire but in moderation. Maybe tea on Monday, hot chocolatier on Tuesday and etc...

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Go for those decaf tea instead. Hot chocolate and 100 plus alright to drink but in moderation due to its sugar content.


Tea Choc 100plus all ok, my gynae ask me drink 100plus on 3rd trimester cause my leg puffy H20 not sure

Yes all in moderation, plus the feel good factor of consuming food you like! Happy mother happy baby!

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I still drink coffee, tea and eat chocolate. But I restrict myself from drinking sport drink