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I’m a FTM and I’m feeling lonely most of the time.. I have my husband with me but he goes to work at noon and I’m alone with baby. I love my baby but the feeling of loneliness just struck me when she’s sleeping.. sometimes it becomes a chore for me to care for her. I have a few friends but they are not really friends. Am I being bad? I just want people to talk to.. I can’t talk to my parents they blame me for not taking care of her well. I’m really trying my best and I always do my best for her. Am I having postnatal blues? I’m just lonely..

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Hey dear, first and foremost, never doubt or question urself as a mother. Ask urself why in the first place you are pregnant, giving birth and have a beautiful gem of your own. Take it positively every little step you take. No mother is perfect. Try to speak with your spouse or text him to let out ur feelings. Join parents/mummies club on social medias to make friends with them. Who knows you can share and have new friends. When ur little one sleep, you can do chores, watch netflix or do ur own me time. Take it positively instead of negative. Should you be visiting your gynae/doctor, please raise your concern on this matter and they will also advice you. Dont stress urself. Be happy and always smile. Virtual hugs ❤

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when baby are asleep,maybe u should do some chores. or watch some funny videos to kill time. that what i do when my husband when to work. its just having my me time. or maybe u should take some naps too with baby. but most importantly always think positive. don't think too much that will make u more depressed..

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Take time off, like half day during weekend. Have your husband take care of baby and you go enjoy a nice dessert or a hobby.