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Hi, im a FTM, currently baby is 16 days old. Everytime when i tried to latch him, im only managed to latch for ard 15 to 20mins. And he will asked for milk again after 1 hour. Lactation consultant said it may be because of wrong latching position of due to my breastmilk supply not fast enough. I tried to pump out for 30mins and only managed to get around 40 to 50ml milk (total left & right) which is not enough as his feed is 60ml. Usually pumping the milk comes fast during first 10 to 15mins but i realised it slow down after which. Anybody facing same issue as me?

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Keep latching to stimulate more milk supply or power pump. Pump 20 mins - rest 10 Pump 10 mins - rest 10 something like that

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Super Mum

Actually that sounds perfectly normal to me. I took a month to be able to keep up with my baby’s milk demands. You can try power pumping to increase your supply, on top of latching on demand. Also drink more water and eat well. Please please please don’t stress yourself about your milk supply:) you’re doing great! And it’s perfectly fine to supplement with formula if you need to.

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