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I’m engaging a daytime nanny for my infant. What do I need to prepare for her and also what do I need to request she do? Eg I know I have to give her clothing, diapers and milk. And she will wash the clothes so I need to give some detergent?

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I will be sending my baby to a nanny in a few weeks too! I plan to provide a tin of formula milk, a pack of diapers, bath essentials, extra set of clothes to be kept at her place. Other things i will pack daily in his bag are things like his outfit for the day, clean towel, swaddle, books/toys, bottles etc. I also plan to provide a notebook where i will indicate my rules/reminders for her at the front page, and it will serve as a log book to keep track of his feeding and pooping timings.

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I will be doing his laundry at home, so it will be returned back to me daily for me to settle. Depends if she can wash it for u. Best is to provide her with eveything so that we are ensured of his hygiene and cleanliness. And oh, dont forget baby bottle cleanser and sponge. I wont be providing sterliser for her, so she will sterilise using boiled hot water.

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Ur most welcome!